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Elevastor, the idea of a new generation concept store

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Since the closure of the famous shop colette, concept stores are multiplying all around the world and especially in paris, where everyone is trying to redefine their idea of a shopping experience. for example, elevastor, who has been located in the trendy quarter of carreau du temple for less than a year, is completely in tune with the times, between digital service and the real place. young designers or up-and-coming brands, elevastor offers a cutting-edge range that is already fashionable and in demand. interview with thomas guedj silvera, founder of elevastor:now with digitalisation, iphones and instagram, we need everything to be connected. we look at everything from art to ready-to-wear and so for the shop, i really wanted it to be defined as a capsule of the website and really open it up to everyone, where anyone can come, explore, discover, create and propose new things and thanks to that, also bring together artists and designers. telfar is an up-and-coming brand and it’s very interesting so we are extremely happy to have had it at that time. it’s supported by many people in fashion, as well as anna wintour who really pushes telfar and their bags, which are already incredibly successful.it’s not enough to have money or a bit of money to recover a brand, we really have to prove to them that once it’s in store or online, we will bring a good image to these brands. therefore, these brands want to be sure of what they want to have, like telfar, sankuanz, dilar findikoglu, and so on, they want to be certain about how we will present them in store.