Stéphane Rolland - Haute Couture Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris with interview

A new silhouette and new volume for Stéphane Rolland for this couture collection. More roundness in the volumes with a play on transparency, and a desire of lightness. We find all the dear basics to the couturier with the jumpsuits, capes and sculptural evening gowns. All seemed to float with a weightlessness. The materials are the key components of the collection and define all the volumes. The embroideries are like jewels which outline a hip, the bottom of a dress, or the waist…A couture collection which equally makes way for the new technical processes to create the 3D embroideries and skin tight materials. Interview: Stéphane Rolland : I wanted to play with something different with a 3D effect still a bit exaggerated, maybe also to amuse myself a bit, and to show above all that with all the dresses at the beginning we can do huge volumes without them being heavy and I wanted to work on effects of lightness, of freshness, maybe to give a bit more of a positive image in this world that isn’t so nice. We mixed sequins, and gold powder, or silver powder to the resin, but with a new method to make it more supple. I did haute couture t-shirts, t-shirts worn with skirts, which keeps it very young, very fresh, very new, and these are the things that I can sell separately, that a woman can wear with a pair of jeans, you see the t-shirts in organza, you can put a camisole on underneath and is still very precious and very pretty.Music from the show

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