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Rick Owens - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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The american rick owens questions, surprises and plays with contrasts. for the menswear line, he works on the peacoat, which is offered in different materials, from leather to wool, even passing by in nylon. next he pushes the limits of clothing by designing several deconstructed and undressed outfits. a primary, prehistoric, almost sexy side suddenly takes over. right up until the arrival of the woolen jumpsuits which makes us want to wrap up warm. a fashion that is always so creative, and full of a great energy. to note: the trainer boots in suede, incredibly comfortable.interview: rick owens: i always think of eternal men, i think of eternal values, and what men are after and i think we are all after a certain amount of dignity and we are all after looking for a sense of honour, we’re all looking for something that looks like we’re not trying too hard, i don’t really like over dressed men. this time i got a little bit more classical than i usually do and i did lot of peacoats. i think it’s because i also got a little primal later on, i got a lot of clothes falling apart and coats being worn in different ways, i like the idea of classical things and taking them and losing control.we are all trying to keep a balance between discipline and collapse and i’ve done both and i love going all the way with both, but it’s also fun as you get older and finding a balance which feels nice between the two.showing dicks yeah! there are not enough dicks in fashion! i love all that exposure to the sun and to the elements, i like the idea that you’re in one part of the world you have a heavy coat, you’re in another part you sling it over your back with the bare chest. music from the show