Yohji Yamamoto- Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

At Yamamoto, jackets are knotted over the back or to the side, and the dresses are layered and fluid. There is a play with suspenders, and turned up high waisted trousers. Each silhouette is deconstructed and reconstructed with a combination of different materials. The body is revealed through the lace and by the sexy lingerie. Stitching details are visible on asymmetrical suit jackets. Zips are found on the sides of the trousers, and to open and close the backs of some of the pieces. The wardrobe is almost exclusively black with a sprinkling of gold to illuminate the show. Interview: Yohji Yamamoto: This time I challenged my taboo for a long, long time, to find what is sexy for me.The starting point was... putting fabric on the woman’s body, and... I enjoyed the conflict of the black fabric on the white skin, it was very, very... delicate, refined and very thin, all made in Japan.Music from the show.

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