Zadig & Voltaire Spring Summer Collection 2014 in Paris (with interview)

This is the first Zadig & Voltaire show included in the official Paris Fashion Week calendar for Cécilia Bönström who envisages a rock’n’roll inspired collection that plays on the idea of androgyny. A Bermuda suit, matt leather sequined trousers and the studded leather bustier jumpsuit are among the key pieces for summer 2014. A silk baby doll nightdress is worn beneath a summer fur coat and ankle-length leather trousers are teamed with a white lace blouse. With more than two-hundred stores across the globe, Zadig & Voltaire have firmly established themselves in the fashion world and now have the right to walk in Paris amongst the big labels!

Interviews :

Cécilia Bönström :

I wanted to confirm the rock heritage of Zadig & Voltaire with this black and white collection, full of contrasts between the silk, the lace, fragile pieces and harder elements like cracked leather and studs.

Androgyny is a subject that returns every season because Zadig & Voltaire is more known for more supple and soft pieces like cashmere, and I have always worn men’s jackets since my early childhood and I brought this to Zadig & Voltaire and this year the suit is reinvented in a Bermuda style because has that chic and sporty essence. The jacket is impeccable, very structured with small shoulders all made from French materials and the shorts bring back a sporty, cool, slightly boyish side.

I am a girl who loves black and white and I also love sequins and all things metallic: gold bags, gold shirts and this year we enlarged the sequins and created supple jackets and dresses and the sequins are in black so highlight this rough side.

It’s the first time that we are a part of the official calendar and for a label with 200 shops worldwide who wants to be an international fashion house and want to succeed and you have to evolve, that’s the natural next step and I am delighted that we have been included in the Paris Fashion Week calendar.

Melanie Thierry:

When you see a Zadig & Voltaire show, you can instantly feel that there is a style, that you’re in the right place and it’s about rock, it’s young, it’s fresh and I love this musical element.

Music from the show

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